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Mont-Tremblant, QC, Canada: Parc Linéaire Le P’tit Train du Nord August 31, 2010

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At 143 miles / 230 kilometers Parc Linéaire Le P’tit Train du Nord is the longest park in Canada and is claimed to offer a very scenic ride through Quebec’s Laurentian mountains.


We stayed at the Mont-Tremblant resort, which is actually around 4 miles from the trail. If you happen to be departing from the same location, keep in mind that there is another, paved bike trail (apparently, it’s the Mont-Tremblant trail) that connects the Mont-Tremblant resort with the Mont-Tremblant Village (and, therefore, the linear trail) and I found this trail to be more enjoyable . I had preloaded somebody else’s GPS track onto my GPS in order to find the Train du Nord trail, but if you’re paying attention to your surroundings instead of staring at a GPS, you’ll have no trouble finding the trail once you’re in town. This is one of those pre-blog trips so I didn’t take too many pictures.

The trail itself is fairly straight and flat, consisting of packed gravel as seen in the above picture. From the Mont-Tremblant Village it runs north-west around Lake Mercier, then west through some swampland, then north adjacent to a powerline. The ride near Lake Mercier was not as scenic as it sounded – in a strange way the trail cuts through private land and does not run adjacent to the shore. If you are riding north-west, there is a buffer of several meters of land between the shore (which is fairly steep) and the trail on your left side; on the right side there are lake-shore properties who own the buffer land to your left. So the most you see of the lake is through trees, fences, docks, shacks, and other beach-related structures erected by the residents.

Once you pass the lake, the terrain becomes much more secluded

That up there, by consulting the map, is Lac Du Sommet and it was probably my favorite part of the trail.

There is a parking lot on Chemin de la Station that one can park at for free

I saw a couple parking lots in town (Mont-Tremblant Village) but I wasn’t sure if there was a time limit or a fee for them.

Once you are heading north on the trail, it becomes quite straight and quite flat – well, despite a slight constant incline.

Thinking back about it, I found this specific trail ride to be exhausting yet quite bland. It’s straight, it’s flat, there’s not much to see, and it’s all gravel, which means that if you’re spinning thin road slicks (which you shouldn’t anyway), your butt will remember this trail for a while. What I did find enjoyable though was the bike trail from the Mont-Tremblant resort to the Mont-Tremblant Village. It was paved, it was winding, it was hilly – so you had both a work out climbing and a relaxing time cruising downhill, – and, therefore, fun.

The view of the Rivière du Diable, as seen from a wooden bridge on the Mont-Tremblant bike trail

The view from the Mont-Tremblant trail traveling from the Mont-Tremblant Village to the Mont-Tremblant Resort


As documented by one of the photos above, there’s a dirt parking lot on the Chemin de la Station at 46.204488,-74.687505.

Free to ride.


There were a couple of eat-in places in town that looked nice, but we didn’t actually go inside.

See the Mont Tremblant Resort post (coming soon).

Mont Tremblant Resort

Parc Nationa Du Mont-Tremblant – La Roche Trail Hike

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